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How to make PC faster

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How to Make PC faster

Windows 7 - You can make your pc faster by changing some options om your pc.

Here is the video , that will help you to set some settings to better performance for your pc.


Steps : 1

You can go to search and type run.

It will pop-up a box and you have to type %temp% and hit enter.

it will show temporary files that may require some RAM.

you can delete that files to release RAM space and boost your pc performance.

Step : 2

For another method again go to search and type msconfig  and hit enter.

It will show you System Configuration box , so got to startup option on the top and click on open task manager.

It will show task manager , will is showing running processes on your pc.

You have to find the process that is not necessary and click on that and click end task. it will end that proces and release the RAM space and will boost your pc.

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