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How to invite all Friends in one click to like Facebook page

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Here i am going to show you how to invite all friends to like your Facebook fan page in just single click ! yes you sound right :) Remember this trick only work in google chrome because we are going to use a google chrome extension called Facebook Invite All. Extensions are small software programs that can modify and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. You write them using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.  so follow the simple steps to gain Facebook page likes.

Step-1 Open google chrome and paste this url - chrome://extensions/

Step-2 search for "Facebook invite all" or simply go to this link Facebook Invite All.

Step-3 Click on Add to chrome  and finish installation.

Step-4 Now go to your Facebook page which you want to send Facebook likes to understand better i will apply this trick

Step-5 click on invite your friend as i have marked in image

Step-6 now a pop up window will appears showing your friends to invite. Now the real magic starts here click on tick mark appears near the star at url bar. (you may check out image).

that's it all your friend got invited in just single click.

so i hope you like this trick to get Facebook page by invite all friends in just single click. Help us by sharing our post on your page :) thanks you

Want to get more likes to your Facebook page? follow my pro tips : -

Make your page look attractive. Make a good Facebook cover page for Facebook page, Use a good logo

post daily good post related to your niche. As well entertain your followers using viral videos and photos.

Request Group members to like your Facebook page ( bagging really works ;) ) remember choose group that is related to your Facebook Page.

Join Facebook pages as Admin or Author which are very popular and having more Facebook followers. You need to ask Admin of that page or you have to post some cool post on their wall to get noticed by that Facebook page admin.

Find or create some cool post and ask popular page to share so that you got viral.

Last but a Hacking trick Make a fake Facebook ID of a girl. Make friends ( i don't need to tell you how to get friend request you all ready know that ;) ) after getting much amount of friends use Invite all friends the above trick and Boom!.. your Facebook page will be on fire

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