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How to uninstall Hola screen lock app

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Hi friends, here i will tell you " How to uninstall Hola screen lock app from your android device" first read what happens when installed hola screen lock app.

i have installed Hola screen lock app was not so good for me. So i have decided to uninstall. But it is not able to uninstall. I have tried number of time to uninstall this app but Hola screen lock was not uninstalling anyway. Then i research about it then i found Hola screen lock app need administration permission to uninstall.

So here is the solution simply follow the step and Remove Hola screen lock app

Go to settings > Location & Security > Select Device Administrators 

You find "Lock Screen Widget" box is checked 

Remove the lock screen widget thing OR remove tick mark for Hola Screen lock Appyou will arrive at another menu

click deactivate, you will get a warning message to proceed click "OK."

Then go to application manager find Hola screen lock App and  uninstall it. 


So hope you like my solution if you have some difficulties fill free to ask. 

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