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Windows 7 login Password recover or crack

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Windows 7 login password Recovery or steps to crack are below. Sometime its happens you got in trouble and forgot password or you need to go through some one PC but you don't have password. Here is the solution to find out or crack the password of a window 7 PC and login in to system. See its easy for geek and risk taker persons so those who fears and don't have proper knowledge of basic get away from here. So lets check it out how to recover or crack a windows 7 login password

Steps to Recover windows 7 login password

1  Boot your computer with Windows 7 DVD or USB drive.

2. When Windows 7 setup files loading process completed, click on Next button.

3. In next step click on Repair your computer located at the bottom left side of the screen.

4. After some loading select Windows 7 and click on Next button. (Note: Again windows setup will take some time to load some files when loading completely just click on Finish button)

5. Click on Command Prompt option located at the bottom of all options.

6. After command prompt open write following command and press enter.

copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

7. Also type this line;

copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe

8. Press Y and enter.

9. Type Exit and press enter.

10. Restart your computer.

11. When reaching login screen, press Shift button continuously 5 times. A command prompt windows will appear, here you need to enter some more commands.

12.  Type net user and press enter, a list of created user names will appear.

13.  Now type net user [username, which one you want to reset] [New Password, enter a new password for selected user] and press enter. For example; if your username or account name is “Dell” and you want to setup new password “mtlsolutions” then you need to enter this command “net user Dell mtlsolutions” and press enter.
net user [username] [New Password]

net user Dell mtlsolutions

14.  If this notification appear “The command completed successfully” then you have done all steps correctly but if not then repeat all steps again. May you have done something wrong.

15.  Enter your new password that one you have created recently


15.  Now you have successfully done Windows 7 Password Reset procedure

I hope you like the article and you have gone through the process and you got success

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